In Quiet and Confidence is our Strength

Has the sound of silence ever been so loud that you feel it is screaming at you?  I know it has been for me – and especially so when we long to hear a word from someone, or share a word with someone.  There are times when we long for communication – we long to be heard  – and yet there is silence.

There are times when we wish God would step into our universe and just talk to us – help us understand – speak to us clearly and audibly.  In times when there is silence, we hope for peace – and we hope for understanding – we hope for hope.  But there are times when silence seems to go on and on – and understanding is limited.

I try to find the beauty in the silence – beauty in the stillness – build faith and strength in times of  silence.  If God is holy – then there is holiness in silence – for we are told to be still and know God.

As I have been pondering these things lately, I came across a story of a young 16 year old girl who struggles with autism – the kind of autism that hampers verbal communication – at least in the form of words.  Locked in her prison of silence – the inability to communicate – the world went on around her.  People, even those close to her did not understand that she understood everything going on around her – she understood what was being said and what was being done.  Everyone assumed that because she could not communicate therefore she could not be communicated with.  Everyone thought if she could not speak – she could not think and understand.  This was so far from the truth.  When she was given the tool to communicate through an electronic keyboard – she was able to talk fully and completely – albeit slowly.  Her problem had been her inability to get what she wanted to say from the inside to the outside verbally.  Locked in her prison – she suffered greatly and was misunderstood completely.

How often do we misunderstand silence – how often do we misunderstand the message – just because someone is not able to communicate it to us.  Silence can be so misunderstood.

In times when there is only silence – let us draw on the strength of the words “be still and know that I am God”.  Silence may not be a denial of communication, but perhaps in the silence the message speaks clearly – be still and know – be still and wait – be still and trust – be still as things unfold – be still.

In quiet and confidence is our strength!

Just because no one is speaking – does not mean no one is listening – a lot may very well be going on in the silence.

“Be still and know that I am  God’


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