A Touch of Red!

I know it is a little late for Valentines Day – however, I have to pay tribute to the colour red!  Especially red in small doses – a touch here and a touch there!  There is just something about pairing red and white together that brings a smile to my face!  Here are just a few examples that I think are worth copying!

I love a red front door – both on the outside – and on the inside!

I have an addiction to kitchen towels – I can’t buy enough of them for some reason.  I think it is because my mom always used to tell me to make sure I had clean kitchen towels out when having guests for dinner.  Interesting how we remember little things we were taught!  I love these red and white towels – and I love the red and white checked flooring – what a courageous move!

A red door says welcome like no other door!  Love it!

Go Red Go!!


Open Your Eyes

It was a little more than one year ago that I decided to create this blog – and one year later, and close to 100 posts – I still enjoy this outlet to share my love of beauty.

So much has happened in this year – I would not have believed it if you had told me this year would hold so much change and loss.  But in the midst of all of that I still choose to see the beauty around – even the beauty in the loss and the grief.  The old saying goes – you can be bitter or better – and I know for a fact you can make that choice – and I chose better.  Pain builds endurance and endurance builds strength – and in strength lies great beauty.

The story of Rosa Parks is written in a book entitled “Quiet Strength”  – and that for me describes her so perfectly – deep resolve and a quiet yet mighty force that changed the course of history. I see great beauty in this quiet strength.

My brother passed away suddenly less than a month ago, and I have found it difficult to write – I didn’t want to drag others down into my grief and I was not clear how to write about beauty in the midst of such loss.  What I know deep within is that even in times when we lose we can find peace and joy – and I am finding that.  Somewhere deep within we call on that quiet strength that comes from the exercise of the muscle – the muscle of endurance.

I made the decision a year ago to write not because I had an audience, or because I wanted to develop an audience, but rather because I wanted to express my love and appreciation for beauty – I wanted to celebrate the creative spirit – and this has become for me an outlet.

Beauty can be seen in so many places – if we only open our eyes – open our ears – open our hearts to it.  Even in the midst of sadness beauty can be found – sometimes it is the loss that gives us the ability to appreciate what we do have. Light shines very bright when in a dark room.  Joy is great when found through pain.  Open your eyes – open your ears – beauty can be found.

After winter comes spring – and after spring comes summer – and although the the grass is brown and the branches are bare – it will not be long before new life will spring forth – beauty – new life – joy!

And so I celebrate one year on this blog!  I am excited to see what this next year will hold!  I know it will be wonderful – for joy does come in the morning!