Colour of the Year 2012

Wythe Blue

The Benjamin Moore “colour of the year 2012”  –  Wythe Blue.

(Love this house – has the feel of the beach – casual and relaxing!)

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Colour of the Year 2012

  1. jody says:

    Mary Ann: I love reading your blogs, and seeing the wonderful pictures of your home – you’ve got such a flair for colour and decorating – another gift to add to your gift basket! Interestingly, we are doing some renovations at the moment, and or interior decorator suggested Wythe Blue for the living room and dining room. I’m not that adventurous yet, and ended up, after many tester pots of paint, choosing Carrington Beige (safe and nice). However, I am now looking at Wythe Blue again, and thinking maybe I can stretch to a feature wall????? You are inspiring me 🙂

    • For the Love of Beauty says:

      Hey Jody – so nice to hear from you! I love it that you are reading this blog – I really started this as a creative outlet and I very much enjoy it and all the more because I am connecting with old friends! I think you should do something in the Wythe Blue – a feature wall would be perfect – or a piece of furniture – go for it!!!! And then send pictures!!! 🙂

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