Fresh Start…

As of last Friday the Christmas decorations are officially packed away!  I am not sure why this is such a dreaded job – tearing them down is never as much fun as putting them up – but I can say it is a whole lot easier!

I have mixed feelings about it – I love the colour and the twinkling lights – it brings a whole bunch of life to the house.  Putting them away is like stripping the house naked – it feels bare and exposed.  However, once the initial shock of such a drastic change has soaked in, there is a freshness that comes with cleaning away the noise.

Just like a new year is a fresh start so the cleaning up after Christmas is a fresh start.  And I am convinced that we need to have a fresh start often – every day in fact.  Clean the slate and start over!

I know so often I feel bogged down with stuff – stuff that plays on my mind – things on the to do list that need to be done – or relationship issues that need to be cleared up!  We can let a lot of clutter get into our lives – and a fresh start can give a new perspective – a freeing perspective!

It is important to clear it up – and clean it out and put it away.

I think of forgiveness in this way – sometimes we hold resentment because we have been hurt – but I can tell you from experience the act of forgiveness – even just in your own heart – is a clearing out of the clutter of anger that can turn to bitterness.  And by giving forgiveness we are taking down that which we have let decorate the walls of our heart – and when we put it away – what we have left is a fresh start.  It might seem bare – but it is clean and fresh.  It is freedom of the soul.

And so just as the tearing down and cleaning up of the Christmas decorations is freeing – so can cleaning out the clutter of hurt in our lives be freeing.  It is hard to do – but there is a fresh perspective that comes with clearing it out.

I look around the house now – and see the house – not the Christmas decor – and I see the simplicity of what is here now – the very simple evergreen branches on my living room bench and the simple candle that I light at night.

I need to remind myself on a regular basis to keep clearing up all that should be cleared up.

Here’s to a fresh start every day !


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