A New Year

Happy New Year!

It seems hard to believe that we are in a new year  – 2012 – it has a nice ring to it!  I find the years are passing by quickly – they seem to do so the older you get!  It seems like yesterday that we rang the year 2000 and here we are 12 years later!  I realize that time is precious – it comes and goes quickly!

I have made no resolutions as yet – like everyone it seems I make a resolution and then quickly forget what I have resolved to do!

I thought about what I might want to resolve this year – what goals I want to set – and of course they are similar each year.  I want to get fit – exercise – eat better – work at balancing my life – entertain more – connect with friends more – and on and on – these seem to be the same thoughts I have each year – and although I do make progress in different areas – it seems that I am always striving to do better in the areas that I set before me as specific goals.

We come to a new year and we see it as a clean slate – a new leaf – a chance for a fresh start.  All good  – there is no doubt about it – but I find myself the next year setting the same goals again – and so this year I have made a decision.  Rather than to live year by year I will choose to live day by day.  Each new day will be a clean slate – a fresh start – a opportunity to set a goal and a new resolution.

And so I have at this point in time – early on New Year’s Day – only one goal for the year!

Instead of making a list of resolutions for the year – I will rise every morning and take time to pray and ask for guidance  for that day.  I will take time to listen to God and ask His direction for each day as it comes.  I will resolve to focus on what plans are necessary for that day – what words need to be spoken – what actions need to be taken  – just for that day.  I will ask God to give me wisdom – just for that day.  I will listen carefully – and I will be present in that specific day.  I will resolve to live each day to the fullest – give my attention to what is present in front of me right here and now- and not think about what might happen a year from now – or five years from now.  I will take the time to care about the people in my life right now and not let my worries about tomorrow distract me from what I should be seeing right now – in front of me.

I will ask God to use me each day – I will not let thoughts of the future rob me of being present in the today.

That is my resolve – to make each day a new day – a day of blessing – a day of growth – a day of reflection – a day of action – a day of service – a day of giving and a day of receiving.

I wish all of you a blessed 2012 – a year in which you will grow in wisdom, understanding and grace!


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