A Welcomed Interruption…

Today is the day – I’m pulling out the Christmas decorations!

Well I wrote that opening line yesterday – yesterday was to be the day that I was to get the decorations out and start the process.  I was all set to begin and stopped to check emails and Facebook.  And….I didn’t get to my task.  Probably the greatest gift the internet brings us is the ability to connect and reconnect with friends – friends from our past who we have lost touch with.  There are some people who you can pick right up where you left off – as if no time has passed at all.  These are kindred spirits – people who have the same core values – and who view life in a similar manner.  I think it is rare to reconnect after many years and still feel the same connectivity – when it happens it is a blessing – a surprise and something I am very grateful for.

I met up with such a friend yesterday and spent three hours chatting on line – catching up on our lives and remembering our past lives when we were in school together.  So many memories – with age to give you a new perspective and of course experience to put it all into perspective.  Not really sure why we just didn’t pick up the phone and talk – we probably could have covered the same ground in half the time!  None the less – I am so thankful to take a walk down memory lane – and to learn of a friend who has lived life well – who has 8 children, 4 grandchildren with a 5th on the way.  She never imagined her life would turn out as such, and I never imagined mine would turn out as it has.  We have both been blessed in many ways – God has been good to us!

And so the cleaning and decorating did not get done – instead – we shared our life story with each other – or at least as much as we could jam into a few hours .  We shared our dreams, our disappointments – and laughed together about crazy memories of the past.

And so my plans were interrupted – and we decorate another day.  It seemed no atmosphere was needed for this welcomed visit – no tree lights, or candles, or festive ribbons – all the joy was in the relationship – and in the reunion of two hearts.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And so today – I will pull out the Christmas decorations and get busy with making my home warm, welcoming and festive.  I am reminded that our lives are for sharing – and our homes a place to make that happen.  And so I will dress my home expecting that others will join me here to celebrate life, and the joy of the Christmas season – and the joy that we have in each other.

As you know, I love to be inspired – and in past posts have given the traditional red and green Christmas inspiration, and the green Christmas – how about a blue Christmas!  I love the outside front entrance of this home!  I love the wood  – so country and casual.  In my mind Christmas is just that – country and casual.  I don’t mean casual in the sense that it is not special  – no  – all celebrations are special and need to be given that special touch – using all the special traditions.  Casual in the sense that it says  – please come on in and lets have a cup of coffee and catch up on life.   A welcomed interruption to the business of our day.

Christmas is about memories – I am so thankful for the memories of my relationships all through the years – and thankful for the blessing of reuniting with one such friend yesterday!


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