Christmas Dreamin…

It is hard to believe it is time to start thinking about Christmas!  How can it possible be that another year is here – bring it on – let’s deck the halls, string the lights and hang the ornament – bring on the Christmas spirit!  Do I sound a bit enthusiastic?  Well – I know it is a lot of work – but there is just something magical about this time of year – the twinkling lights, the bows and ribbons, and the excitement that goes along with it all!

For the past couple of years I have been so busy with work and other life responsibility that I have not been able to give the Christmas decorating the whole hearted focus that I love to give it.  This year  – it’s going to get my attention – because here is the deal – decorating is a creative process – and as I have been saying – creativity needs to be feed – needs to be nourished!  Creatiivity is the air I breathe – it brings life to my spirit – it brings joy  – great joy!

So here is to a feast of creativity – bring on the inspiration!

Where to start?  I like to start outside first – and work my way inside.  I need some inspiration – and here is just a little bit to get the creative juices flowing.

Nothing like the red and green theme to keep tradition alive!

I’m dreaming of Christmas!


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