A Thoughtful Gesture…

Surprises can be wonderful.  Especially if they are lovely and thoughtful and generous in spirit. I was surprised a couple of weeks ago with a lovely bouquet of flowers delivered with a very kind thank you note attached.  I was so wonderfully surprised by the gift for really I should have been thanking the wonderful couple that sent it!

The flowers were sent by a board member of Dignitas International following an event that they hosted (and paid for) to support work in Africa.  Why thank me?  I should be thanking them!  What I can tell you is that this is just the way this couple lives – they give….and give….and give.  And they would say it is because they have been so blessed!  And they have been blessed – there is no doubt about it.  And they choose to bless others with that which they have been given.  What a wonderful example!

The thought was so generous – and unexpected – a wonderful surprise in the middle of a very busy and stressful day.  And if anyone knows me well – they will know – I love flowers!  The gesture could not have been more perfect.  I was simply delighted!  What a wonderful thoughtful gesture that meant the world to me!

There is a saying – “it’s the thought that counts”  – and yes of course there is so much truth in this.  But if we never act on our thoughts – then what do they count for?  Thinking generous thoughts and thinking about generous actions is a good start – but thoughts with no action have far less outcomes!  How often do we appreciate people but never really let them know?  It seems that all of these good thoughts and words and gestures are saved for a funeral.  You can never go wrong by telling people how much you appreciate them, how thankful you are to have them in your life, how much you love them and what great strengths and talents they have.  Say it now – in word and gesture because a small gesture has a huge impact!

I know this to be true – the gift of flowers was such a beautiful gift – but it is what the gesture said that is even more beautiful!  I felt loved, honoured and appreciated!  And that just makes me stand taller and want to do more and do it better!  The thought was wonderful – but the action behind the thought was even more powerful!

 Say it now – say it often  – and say it from the heart!


4 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Gesture…

  1. Jil says:

    So true, I remember years ago waiting in a Dr.s office, there was a little poster, it had a boy and a girl on it. The boy was in the rain getting soaking wet – the little girl held an umbrella – just looking at the little boy. Underneath it said ” don’t just think about it – do it!” I never forgot that little poster and try to act on it.

  2. gailbhyatt says:

    I absolutely love that arrangement! Do you know what the flowers are? Some I’m not familiar with at all. I love to give and receive flowers, but it’s so hard to find a florist that does unique arrangements with unique flowers or combinations. I try to describe what I’d like to have sent but even that is difficult. So when I find an arrangement I love, I save a photo that I can email to the florist. This will be on the list! Thanks.

  3. For the Love of Beauty says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thank you so much for your email! I feel the same regarding this arrangement – it is so beautiful – perfectly put together. I’m not sure what the lily like orange flowers are – the white flowers are a cabbage type flower, and there is a form of rose in the arrangement as well – it is the type that has a lot of petals – not sure what it is called – and there are lovely blue berries of some sort as well. Whenever I receive flowers or see arrangements that are beautiful I always check to see what florist they come from and take note – but the truth is we often send flowers out of town – and finding a good florist is tough – I am so in agreement with you on that one. Good idea to use a picture – but even then – if you don’t know a good florist – its hard to know what you will end up getting! Love the idea sending a picture!
    Mary Ann

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