You Are My Sunshine

I love flowers – no surprise to many of you I know.  I like to have fresh flowers in the house – have not had too many this summer as I have spent so much time in the garden – but as fall comes and winter follows I will get back to this weekend habit. These pictures are just a few from the past winter and spring in my home.

When my niece Sarah was just a wee little girl she told her mom “milk makes me healthy but juice makes me happy” – her feelings about her beverage of choice back when she was a toddler.  And that is the way I feel about flowers – they just make me happy.

Tulips in the spring, roses in the winter – they all bring me great joy.

It is a very coolish Saturday morning here in Toronto – almost time to put the fireplace on if you can imagine!  Happy October 1 to all – light the spicy pumpkin candle and cozy in with a good book  –  enjoy the joys of Fall!


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