“Finish each day and be done with it”

Recently I asked for some advice on a particular issue from someone and their response to me was “let me noodle on that for a bit”.  That phrase caught my fancy and I had to smile as I thought about what it means to “noodle” on something.

When I checked out the meaning, I found that it means to ponder, to muse, to give some thought to – or to “chew on it”.

Oh how often I tend to noodle on things – I noodle probably too much.  I think – rethink – over think – until it just tires me out.  I guess it is just the way I am – and although there is good in this – there is also a down side to “noodling” too much.

There is however the other extreme – not thinking enough – reacting and acting without putting any thought into what-where-when-why – or even thinking about consequences to actions.  Thinking and analyzing is a good thing – there is no doubt about it – but over thinking has its drawbacks.

Why do we over think?  Usually in an attempt to understand – to figure something out – to sort out and come up with solutions. All good – but we need to learn when to stop thinking and just either move on it – or move on – and that is the tricky part.  And sometimes when we move on – that process takes time as well – we think we have moved on but we keep going back to try and sort it out and figure it out – and so we really have not moved on at all – well maybe we have moved an inch forward or maybe its three steps forward two steps back.

So what to do about this issue of “noodling” too much or too little?  Well – I’m noodling too much on this issue to try and find the answer to the question of to think or not to think – and I don’t have the answer except to say – I am very aware of it.

Here is the conclusion I have come to.   We as humans are made uniquely and my make up is such that I analyze and I think.  That is just who I am.  I embrace that because I know it is my unique personality – and I know that there is much good in this.  What I am also learning is that there comes a time when you just have to say “forget it” “who cares” “let it go” “its not important” or whatever phrase is necessary to just take the importance away from whatever it is that is causing the brain to over think.  And I am learning that although the truth is I may still see the issues as important – it is just my way of taking the pressure off of my inability to figure it all out – and there is just something refreshing about that.  Its like cursing to the wind – it just helps!  Now my very strict upbringing would for sure reprimand me for “cursing to the wind” but I think you get my point.

I am a noodler – will probably always be – but I also enjoy the freedom that comes from saying “forget it” in whatever specific words you might choose to use!  And that is a beautiful thing! (she writes with a smile on her face)

P.S.  And now I am going to eat my chicken noodle soup – that is the most “noodling” I am going to do today!

P.S.S.  The picture above is from my garden – just keeping you informed!


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