Good Bones

This week my niece Laura and her husband Eric closed on their new home.  New to them that is.  The home is actually several years old – and has been owned by two other families previously.  The most recent owners  – an older couple with a grown family lived there for 40 years.  The grown children were selling the home following the passing of both parents this  past year.

Having been through this with my own parents I know just how tough it is to sell the family home – even if in our case one parent is still with us but no longer able to live in the house.  And although for us it was the family home – it was not our growing up home – I never lived in this home.  But still – there were many family celebrations there – many Christmas dinners, and Thanksgiving dinners and birthdays – and it contained all of the “home” furniture and fixins that make a family house a home. In our case there were many family homes – as we moved more than once when we were children- but each home became the family home so easily – because home is where you nest – where you build your life – and this can be done almost anywhere.  All it takes is a bit of nesting attitude and a few familiar things.

For Laura and Eric their new home has great bones – it has a great structure and a good layout – beautiful original hardwood floors, spacious rooms and the potential for updates and upgrades that will make this a great family home for years to come if they wish to make it so.  It is amazing what a bit of paint, a bit of carpet, and new wood trim will do to spruce this place up and not only clean it up but give it their own specific style.  And so before they move in at the end of this month there will be much cleaning, and painting and fixin up.

And so over we went yesterday with our diet coke, pizza, jube jubes and peanut M&M’s and had a fixin up party.  Wood trim was pulled off in preparation for new trim, wallpaper was stripped and walls cleaned and prepped for painting.  Even grandpa worked with Laura removing light switch plates and pulling down old wall paper – just like the good ole days when he and Laura would have many work parties at his place where Laura learned all the tricks to doing these kinds of tasks with perfection.

Laura and Eric were surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers left from the previous owners  with a card that blessed them and wished them as many happy memories in this home as they had in the previous 40 years.   What a wonderful way to pass a home on to new owners and new traditions!

It was a great day – a day to celebrate new beginnings.  This house has good bones – all that is necessary to make this house a nest – a special home for Laura and Eric.

 It was a beautiful day!


3 thoughts on “Good Bones

  1. Norma Rodine says:

    MaryAnn – this is a beautifully touching story and I know that your Aunt Verna would love to see these photos and read your story. I will try to pass this to her.

  2. Norma Rodine says:

    Hi MaryAnn – Bob and I recently returned from a visit to Verna….. the email I had sent her about your story was there, on her computer, still unopened. When I showed her the story, she was very excited and has book marked your blog. She will probably never post a comment, but know MaryAnn that she really liked your story about your niece’s new house, enjoyed seeing the photos of your family and Glenn, and intended to browse more thoroughly when we left and she would have some time. Isn’t Facebook lovely?

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