A Mind Break

Yesterday I had a mind break – a mini vacation of sorts.

I spent the afternoon sitting in a lawn chair overlooking the crystal blue waters of Lake Ontario in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is the very beautiful town that sits on at the tip of the Niagara River right where it joins Lake Ontario.  There is a very small public park that is perfectly situated so that you can watch the sail boats quietly skim down the river and into the Lake.  A perfect setting to sit and relax, people watch, and drink in the calming effect of the blue sky against the blue water.

We watched people come and go – some on vacation – others local to the area.  We witnessed a small wedding party taking pictures – we chatted with a family from Philadelphia who were enjoying swimming at the small beach – and we watched both young and old enjoying the view – enjoying the walking path – and enjoying the fresh air.

I realize that I need so much more than an afternoon “mind break” – I very much need to totally detach and take a full vacation break – and I plan to do that very soon hopefully.  However, given the circumstances right now – I am in the last stages of planning a major fundraising event during the Toronto International Film Festival – this was a good start  – and certainly better than not breaking at all.  And when you do this – it helps you to realize the importance of relaxing and breaking away from stress.

Taking breaks is so important.  I hope to build that into my future plans on a regular basis – because I know that the old saying “work hard – play hard” is dead on!  I think I am good at both – but it seems that I have only taken time to do the “work hard” lately.

As we watched families enjoy their time together, I remarked to my sister that it reminded me of our growing up years when we would take family vacations – when we would stop at a beach and have fun skipping rocks, and swimming – even in a very rocky bottom beach.  It just didn’t matter to us as kids – and it didn’t seem to matter to the families yesterday either.  What fun – what enjoyment – and what memories they are making!

I look forward to more valued times of relaxation!  It was a beautiful day – I slept so well after enjoying the fresh air and the quiet calming of the water!

So beautiful!


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