Country Garden

Have I mentioned how much I like my new back yard patio?  Its like being in an oasis – and I am so thankful for this gift in my life.  Morning coffee has never tasted better than when sitting listening to the water bubbling over the rocks and hearing the birds chirping and waking up.

I have to say I love walking around and pulling out the weeds – making sure that they don’t take over the garden beds.  Watching the buds come in  on the hydrangea and coming to full bloom gives great joy.  I love the garden!

The next step is to invest in some outdoor furniture – and more than likely that can wait until next year.  I like to sit in a room and see what it needs before making any decisions – to feel what would be best there – to sense how the room will function and what kinds of pieces will not only function well – but give it a special aura of “home” – and of course a personal touch of style.

And so I will wait probably until next year – just continuing to use my two plastic adirondack chairs for now.  As I sit and drink my coffee or read  or just enjoy the sunshine I will dream about what it might need.  Should I get 4 chairs to put in a circle – an umbrella – long lounge chairs so that I can stretch out  – should I have a table with chairs surrounding so that I can host dinner parties – should I have some of the above or all of the above?  Questions I don’t have the answers to yet – I need time to “feel” it.  That is part of the fun of the whole experience as well!

This garden patio from the blog ” A Country Farmhouse” is just beautiful.  The country table was built and stained a light grey blue colour.  It is  lovely.  I love the idea of an unconventional outdoor table.  I would like to have something similar however, I’m not sure I could easily move and store it in the winter.  These are the functional issues I would have to consider when making a decision regarding a table.

The wicker chairs are wonderful, inexpensive and stackable  Very functional!

Please visit the blog “A Country Farmhouse”. (link on the sidebar)  You will just love the beautiful farm house in this blog!


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