Good Advice

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill”

I had to laugh when I read this quote – when in fact it isn’t really a laughing matter – anyone who is going through very tough times is not laughing.  I know that – because I have been there on many different occasions.

Sometimes it just seems like you get through one “hellish” issue and another one pops up!  And lately in my life and the life of my family it seems that we don’t even get through one issue before another one pops up.  Multiple issues – all at one – most having to do with loss in one form or another.  Loss through death, loss of health in more than one family member, job stress, transition stresses,  loss of relationships and the list goes on and on.  And when these losses compound one on top of another and you are trying to cope with one problem and another one comes up – sometimes life becomes so tough you want to give up and crawl in a hole.  I know this feeling – I know it all too well.

It is easy to look around you and wonder why others do not get hit with the same amount of stress and it is easy to wonder why all of the loss at once.  I have found that asking why doesn’t really help – usually we don’t get an answer to why.  I am such a “why” asker – I always want to understand and get to the bottom of issues – there is a lot of good in that quality – I realize that  – but it can also be frustrating especially if answers cannot be found – at least immediately – sometimes we see the bigger picture a long way down the road and can look back and understand the “whys” better.

I wish I could offer some bit of wisdom here  that would help to answer the questions of “tough times”.  So many books have been written on the subject.  I do know that tough times can make strong character if we allow it to.  Tough times can be a great teacher as it seems we are more attentive learners when going through deep waters.  Tough times can be refining times as when we are put in the fire, we will come out polished.  I know all of these things to be true.  I also know that whatever we are going through others are as well – and we are so blessed to have all that we do have – in comparison to what others in countries far away have to deal with.  Knowing all these things helps, but does not take the “hell” away.  I know that as well.

And so this piece of advice is so very true – when going through hell – keep going.  Keep going – don’t stop – because eventually you will pass through the storm – and come out the other side.  It just requires putting one foot in front of the other and taking small steps – keep going forward – and don’t crawl into a hole.  For many in the deep waters this sounds all too easy when in fact it is not.  I know that too.  However, one step forward is all that is required – not the full nine yards – and then another step – and another step.  One step at a time.  And eventually the storm cloud will be gone – and the sun will shine again.  This I also know to be true.

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill”


2 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. Susan Franklin says:

    Do you know the Rodney Adkins song that uses this line? I like it alot and use it for inspiration.when sometimes it feels like I can’t find the end of the “hell”. Give it a listen.

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