Sunday Thoughts

It is early Sunday morning as I write this.  I have had a wonderful weekend so far  – it’s a 3 day weekend.  I took Friday off (worked at home) and this will be day 3 of being at home and accomplishing tasks that have been nagging at me – things like cleaning windows, bathrooms, vaccuming behind couches and cleaning baseboards.  I know – it sounds like a lot of work – and it is – but I have to say I have not done this in a very very long time and it feels like I am one step closer to getting things in order – knowing that control has been restored and my house can once again be my haven of rest and enjoyment.

There is much still to do to get it there – I have closets to clean out and a basement to put in order – and carpets to be cleaned, not to mention repainting etc etc…..keeping a house and making it a home is ongoing – but oh so rewarding.  Little things are important – they lead to big things – and so I am trying to keep up with the little things – so that the big picture will be complete – one step – one little step at a time.

I was home on Friday waiting for the landscape crew to come and replace a tree that had not made it when planted in my backyard.  Replacement is here – and it’s a beauty – better than the first tree.  I have been so much enjoying sitting in my backyard drinking my coffee in the morning and listening to the birds wake up – hearing the water splash on the rocks – watching as the birds swoop down to grab a quick drink or splash around take a bath.  It has been a time where I can drink in the beauty of God’s gifts to us – even though I am sitting in a backyard that is so close to neighbours I feel as though I have a haven – a place set apart – and oh I am so grateful.

In this time of quiet I am learning to wait on God – to listen to that still small voice – and sometimes it is so hard to hear it – but I am learning that you will certainly not hear it if you don’t stop to listen for it.  Be still – and wait – be still – and listen – be still – be quiet – be still and wait.

 I heard someone say that if the way doesn’t open – wait for it – don’t give up – wait.  And so I am learning to wait – and listen – and in the quiet of the morning surrounded by the beauty of my garden – the beauty that is such a gift from God – I sit quiet and listen – waiting to hear that still small voice that tells me I am loved and affirm that my life has purpose, meaning and that there is a plan waiting to unfold.

Be still.


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