My Front Door

My mom always wanted to welcome  guests at her front door even though it was always easier for them to drop in the side door or the kitchen door. I think she wanted to put her best foot forward when greeting people and her kitchen, although a friendly place to be and maybe even where everyone would end up was not the first impression she wanted to leave.  It was just who she was – perhaps it  was her staunch English background!

For me, my front door is the only entrance off the street and so it is the welcome mat – there is no doubt about it!  And in recognition of this I have done my best to make it a welcome place.

And for anyone who knows me well – there is nothing like flowers to say


The  hand made wild turkey critters sitting on my step I purchased from the straw market in Zambia. I love to bring home something hand crafted from the different countries I have been blessed to have traveled to – these were purchased on a trip with World Vision during a visit to Victoria Falls – a day I will always remember!

I love the natural stone steps that are incorporated into the garden – and the natural growth in between such as fern, moss and ground cover.


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