Touch of Blue

It is funny how we become so much like our parents – we follow in their ways and like the things they like – to a certain extent.  My mother had a keen eye for decorating and our homes (we moved around a fair bit) were always beautifully decorated on a budget – with the latest trends – if you can image.  I remember in the late 1960’s (I was almost a baby at that time) my mother painted the piano room walls black – it was crazy for that time period – but really stunning.  And in the late 1970’s she was the first to put in “shag” carpet – you know the kind that you had the “rake” – and the living room was red and the family room was orange!  She really was something else that mother of mine!

But she never really like the colour blue for decorating – and I guess I have followed in those footsteps even though I very much love the colour blue – I had a bedroom a few years ago that was all done in blue and white – it was beautiful and fresh.  But to have blue throughout my home is just not something that I lean towards – and I wonder if it is because my mother never cared for it.

Saying that – I love these touches of blue – love them enough to post these pictures – that makes me wonder why I have never really used blue very much!  Hmm – something to think about that is for sure!


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