Things I Love

I have written a couple of blog posts called “Things I Love”  – the list is long and diverse.  If you were to ask me for this list I suppose I would have to stop and think for a minute and then just let my mouth rattle off whatever comes to mind  – because you see – the things I love are not neatly put into an alphabetic ordered list – or even something that I can say yes these are the top.  Although saying that,I do have a list of important things I love that would include the love I have for my God, my family, and close connections that I have with certain people  – and I would be so pleased to talk about those because they are truly close to my heart.

The general list of things I love are things that just bring me joy – and ignite a sense of warmth in me – they are things that are beautiful – although not always perfect – but do bring a smile to my face.  Maybe it is just like the song in the “Sound of Music” that says whenever I am feeling down I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so sad.  Thats the list I am talking about – raindrops on roses and brown paper packages tied up with bows – only my list is slightly different – and it grows and changes as everyday I find new things to love.

On my list today – anything that is an animal print!

I love this coffee table bench – love the fabric – I have a special love for zebra print.  I remember the first time I saw a zebra in Africa – I was so amazed at the stripes and the definition between the white and the black – it was just so beautiful and so well created !

The bench above is from the design portfolio of Windsor Smith – who I adore .  I was in her home in California and I just love her and her work!  The bench below is from her home.

And then there are the animal skin rugs – love them!  I love them mixed with elegance and country  – as is shown in this beautiful and unique room by Darryl Carter – another very interesting and amazing designer.

And another version above – not sure who designed this room.

Look at this master bathroom – wow – love the rug!

This bathroom was designed by the author of the blog called “For the Love of a House” which I just discovered a couple of weeks ago.  I have her blog listed on the sidebar and you really should visit.

The author Joan and her husband moved from Dallas to New Hampshire three years ago and are creating the home of their dreams – and it really is amazing.  I will post more pictures of this amazing master bath shortly – but don’t you just love the rug?



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