Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant .

Robert Louis Stevenson

What a great way to look at life !  We live in this “instant” society that expects immediate results. We expect instant responses to our communications, instant results to our investments and instant outcomes to all our undertakings.

But so much of life is about taking the time to cultivate  – whether it is our abilities through ongoing practice, discipline  and education, or our relationships through time spent in nurturing or our goals which involves cultivating our plan, our abilities and our relationships.  Success requires time and hard work.  You know the saying – success is where preparation meets opportunity. So don’t judge your day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you are continually planting.

Plant each day and continue to plant – and water and fertilize and plant some more.  And soon enough there will be a harvest.  The secret – you have to wait – you can’t  plant a seed and then dig it up to see if it growing – you have to wait – and wait – and wait – and sometimes waiting is hard.

Waiting for me is hard – I have a certain amount of patience and then I think – I have waited – its time!  If the grocery line is too long – and especially if a price check has to be done – I may keep my game face on and to all appearances it may seem like I am fine  – but inside my toes are tapping – and I’m impatient to just stand and wait – it seems to me that this is wasting time and energy and its inconvenient – albeit a small inconvenience  – but waiting is hard!

However, there are times when I can easily talk myself into understanding the waiting game – because I can see the deeper issue – the complex mix of circumstances that have caused “waiting” to take place.  Sometimes we have to wait for healing to take place in our bodies before we can move forward and live life as it was before the injury.  I think about my brother-in-law Bob who has just gone through heart surgery – and the healing process is long and difficult – especially the first portion.  It requires endurance – and patience as the body heals and regains strength.  It is a time of waiting.

Sometimes we have to wait for the grief of loss to take its course before we can feel strong to move on to a new a new normal.  I think about the grief of losing my mom with very little notice – and how hard that was to realize she was with us one day and gone the next – and the adjustment that was for our family – especially because she truly was the centre – the life blood of our extended brood.  She brought so much laughter and joy and it took a very long time to adjust to what our new normal is.  All we could do was wait for joy to come back – it was a time of waiting.

I think about waiting  – for our business to take off,  for spring to come after winter,  for dreams to be fulfilled.  We are constantly waiting – and the secret to waiting is to wait – thats its  – just wait and learn in the wait – and know that waiting is just part of the process.  Fill you time with fertilizing and watering – — keep planting while you are waiting.

They say a watched pot never boils – so find something else to do while the pot is heating up – and the wait will not seem like a wait at all.  Waiting will turn into a time of planting – a time of learning – a time of healing – a time of gaining strength and endurance – and a time of cultivating and maybe even a time to plant seeds you never thought you would ever plant – it will be amazing to see the multiple harvests when seeds are continually planted – during your time of waiting.

And remember …

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant .”


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