Bathroom Thoughts

I know – not a great name for a post – but yes – I have thoughts about a facelift for my bathroom – and  I want to use wallpaper. So many choices – and there is always something interesting and new! I loved the samples from Michael Penny’s blog post (you can link to it on my blog roll – and I also posted some on my blog here as well).   I have been thinking about this for a long time – and just need to decide and do it!

I bought some wallpaper many years ago on sale for $5 a roll – can you imagine – and it is beautiful – but quite bold and bright.  Take a look at two different portions of the paper above and below.

As you can see it is very bold – but very beautiful.  I would only use it on the top half of the wall – and put bead board on the bottom half in a creamy white colour.

I also purchased a shower curtain on sale from Restoration Hardware when I was in NYC  before Christmas – an it would look great together with it.

It is a butter cream yellow colour – I love the texture of it.

It could look fabulous – but is it what I really want – and should I go ahead with it because it is inexpensive – and because I have it?

My mother decorated many a room choosing what was on sale – stretching the dollar and making what was affordable look amazing.  She really knew how to make the dollar go a long way.

But it costs time and energy to make this happen – so should I go ahead with what I have or look around and see what else might be out there that might be more current.  I guess the question is – what is current?   I think you can take something classic and make it look original and your own and that makes it current.

And then I also have a small bathroom rug – rubber backed and perfect for bathroom use  that I bought at  Costco – and yes it would work perfect as well!  Decisions – decisions.  I know if I don’t use the wallpaper on the walls in the bathroom – it will make amazing wrapping paper – it is vibrant and perfect for using with different coloured ribbons and bows.  That is how the creative mind works – always thinking – and not quick  to make decisions sometimes!  (my mom would use wallpaper for wrapping paper – and as I child I always thought this was strange – but now I completely understand it).

Stay tuned – I will make a decision soon I hope – I am sure it will be beautiful whatever direction it takes!


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Thoughts

  1. Allison {A Glimpse Inside} says:

    I really like everything you have! I think if you do the bead board it will look really good! And since you have it all already- why not go with it!
    Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! Always nice to see a new face! 🙂

    • For the Love of Beauty says:

      Thank you Allison – I appreciate your comment – I think you might be right and I should go with what I have – it is hard when you appreciate so much all the new you see and you want to go with something new – but that is what redecorating is all about – there will always be time for something new! I love your blog – I am so new to this blogging world – I had no idea there so many wonderful blogs out there! I will keep visiting yours!

  2. Jil says:

    What beautiful wallpaper ! Did you know it’s in Pantone’s Color of the Year – Honeysuckle? (google it and you’ll see what I mean). Bright colours are very current now. Use it with the beadboard and it’ll be perfect. I’d love to see the finished room. You have a great eye for colour!

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