Love Affair With Wallpaper

I love wallpaper -even when it was not the trendy in thing I still loved wallpaper.  I know, so many vow they will never use it again – usually after hours of trying to scrape old wallpaper off in preparation for repainting.  I totally understand the frustration – however, that  will not stop me from using it.  For me that is just part of the process of project management – you take something on and do it – the love of it is in the doing – the designing – the creating  so taking the old off – as miserable as that is – is just part of seeing something old turn into something new.

I have used it in my home – in the powder room and front hall.

I am dreaming about doing something in my upstairs bathroom and wallpaper is in my thinking.  For me it just makes sense to put it in a small room – and a bathroom is just that.  I have some ideas for what I want – but have not decided as yet.  And I know – you are thinking isn’t she working on her den – and we havn’t seen that yet – and didn’t she mention her bedroom – and where is that at?  Yup – you are right – said both of those things.  And those are both a work in progress – and you will see them soon.  Just not done yet – these things take time!  It’s all part of the creative process – especially when you are doing it yourself on a bit of a budget – you develop as you go – and that is the fun of it.  But while you are working away on one project – you can let your creative mind begin to develop another one – and that is what I am doing – or at least that is how I am justifying what I am doing!

And so I am thinking wallpaper.  I have a couple of rolls of paper that I bought years ago at $5 a roll – and it could work well.

But when my friend Michael Penny blogged about wallpaper the other day I just fell in love with some of the samples.  Here is the link to his posting – I hope this works – like I say – I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to this blogging and technology – so please have patience with me!  Visit his bog – it is great! (you can link to it from my blog roll)

Let me show you the papers that caught my eye – and I think they would look great in my bathroom – choices – choices!  They are all from Thibaut.

They can all be found at

As you know – I love green apple green – and this paper would look amazing with white towels – so fresh!

I love this paper – partly because of the colour – I like my reds and pinks and apricots – and it would look amazing with everything I have going on in the colour scheme of the house – might be just a bit to formal for a bathroom – would look better in my front hall- or my powder room – will have to wait for a redo  on those rooms- although – I do love this paper – could do it in the bathroom and be just a bit different!

I love the green and cream in this paper below – and it has a modern feel – would work really well!

And the colours in this paper are perfect – the olive green and apricot rose – how could I go wrong with this!

And the pattern looks amazing when it is on the wall!  I actually do LOVE the blue and olive green as well – one of my favourite combinations – maybe I should redo the whole house using blues and greens – so beach like – ok – well maybe I will wait on that for a while – although that is why I did buy a taupe couch – so I could vary up the accent colours.  Ok – now I am on a tangent – we are talking the upstairs bathroom – and so think I will stick to greens – yellows – pinks – apricots!

Not sure which direction to go – that is part of the fun – thinking about it – and the creating!  They are all beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Love Affair With Wallpaper

  1. Vanessa says:

    Would you believe that I have been working on wallpapering my downstairs powder room today! How ironic is that??!! I agree that done right, usually in a smaller space and with fresh colors, it can completely transform a space. To me, it just warms everything up and I love the inspiration photos you shared in this post. Thanks so much for linking up with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

    • For the Love of Beauty says:

      Vanessa – thank you for your message – and thank you for the opportunity to link up with you. I am new to blogging and really have no idea what I am doing – I am not even sure how to link back to you – I am trying to figure all of that out! re your powder room – I wallpapered my powder room as well – in fact the first picture on this post is my powder room – I love it – so bright and colourful. I look forward t seeing yours too!

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