Getting Started

“There is something delicious

about writing the first words of a story.

You never quite know where they’ll take you….”

Beatrix Potter



If you never write the first words of a story – you will never know where it will take you  Getting started is always the hardest part – jumping in – taking risks – making decisions when you fear you might be wrong – putting yourself out there – and risking failure – all these keep us from getting started – but you will never know where the story will take you if you don’t get started.

All beginnings are hard – I remember that being said when I first went away to school at the first assembly of the year -beginnings are hard – and yes there is truth in this – especially for a young 18 year old teenager who left home to go away for the first time on her own.  And in so many ways it was hard – but it was really just the beginning that was hard.  Once the beginning was over, we moved on to what became a very normal way of life.

I  started a blog in an attempt to find my way back to my creative core  – to find a way to re-ignite the passion that my unbalanced life had taken away.  It has become a way for me to express my thoughts and insights into all that is beautiful around us – and it inspires me to look deeper and see in a new way all that is so good.

Starting was the hardest part.  Finding a voice and something to say – not being afraid to put it out there to an audience – even if it is just an audience of my few friends and family.  Starting was the hardest part – I really didn’t know where to start – until I just started.  I am not really the most technological person – figuring out how to put together a blog – understanding the widget – how to get it to do what I needed it to do – all a learning curve for me. Knowing what I was going to talk about – and wondering if I even had something to say – all fears that were really silly – but still enough to stop me from starting.  Then I realized that it didn’t matter who read it or what they thought about it – it was my voice  – and where I started was just that – a start – one step at a time – and one step is just that – one step – not the whole nine yards – only one step.  Getting started builds momentum – and that is when we can really move forward.

All creative endeavours are that way – you have to take a chance and try something out – and you learn as you go.  All projects, all conversations,  all relationships, everything – you just have to get started -and you will be amazed at where it will take you.  Begin with the end in mind – but you don’t have to know everything about the middle – that will develop as you go – but you have to start.

Beatrix Potter whose quote opens this post  wrote “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” in a picture letter to a little boy she knew who had been ill for a long time.  She went on to privately print 250 copies of the tale in time for Christmas. A sign of the future success of this little story, these first copies sold very quickly at a shilling each, meaning she quickly had to print another 200 two weeks later.

Beatrix Potter was raised in an affluent family where she was discouraged from seeking a formal education and so she began to write and illustrate her writings as a creative outlet for her passions, talents and abilities.  She was in her thirties, when she published her first book.  Around that time she became engaged secretly to her publisher Norman Warne.  This caused a breach with her parents who disapproved of her marrying someone of lower social status.  Warne died before the wedding could take place.  She continued her writing full time.

With proceeds from the books, she became financially independent and was eventually able to buy HILL TOP FARM pictured below.  She extended the property with other purchases over time.  In her forties, she married William Heelis, a local solicitor, became a sheep breeder and farmer while continuing to write and illustrate books for children.  She published twenty-three books.  All because she started – she wrote a book for a friend – and – she pushed to be published.  She jumped in and started!

Getting started can alway be the hardest part – but can also be the most exciting – because you never know where it will take you! What do you need to start?  Just do it – just start and let the journey begin and unfold – you never quite know where it will take you!



2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Jil says:

    What a wonderful story. I simply adore Beatrix and have many of her books. They are so happy and comforting. Did you get a chance to watch the movie about her life? It was fascinating!

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