Things I Love II

Just a quick follow up to my post yesterday – well maybe not so quick – I can get longwinded!

I took a much needed trip to the grocery store yesterday and just could not resist picking up a weekend treat – more flowers.

And this week’s choice is roses – deep pink – beautiful!

And here I sit in front of my fire on a cozy Sunday afternoon …..

Yesterday I was convinced Spring was on the way – the rain had melted the snow and although a grey and wet day somehow the promise of  a change of season came with the rain – but this morning I woke up to this ……

And so I am quite pleased that I brought a little colour and life into the house yesterday with the purchase of my $20 beautiful deep pink roses.

The colour is rich and deep – it reminds me of the colour of a chair that my mother had for years in our home growing up – it was a deep rose velvet side chair with a tufted back and beautiful wooden arms and legs.  My sister Carol has that chair and the fabric is faded and needs to be replaced – but still beautiful.  I found a piece of the original velvet and have it now – I took a picture below -I want to make cushions – it will be a special reminder of our growing up days.

I have to tell you that on those rare days when I can stay home and enjoy being “in” I love to light a fragrant candle and I do have my favourites – today it is “Cinnamon and Clove Buds” – love the smell of cinnamon!  And yes I will burn these candles just for me – why not?  I recommend this particular brand – buy it at Bath and Body Works – it burns so well – and an amazing fragrance!

And so I curl up and put the fire on and light a candle and read a good book – reading is one of my favourite things to do – you can get lost in another world when you read a good book – not to mention what you might be able to learn.  In all truth – lately I have found it difficult to concentrate on reading – I have a hard time focusing my mind as there is so much going on in life right now – but my hope and belief is that my attempts to balance life will bring back my focus – and then I will be able to reread two wonderful books that I highly recommend – “Blink” and “Outliers” both by Malcolm Gladwell. “Blink” is about the power of thinking without thinking – it is about trusting instincts and intuition.  It is a fascinating read.  And “Outliers” by the same author is a study on success – and what successful people have in common – also very fascinating.

And so I enjoy my day in …….and by the way, the hand painted fine china dish was a find at a garage sale many years ago – and I love it!

And guess what – my driveway and walk are not shovelled yet – I keep thinking it will warm up and melt – enough of the shovelling!  I’m going to stay in this afternoon and enjoy the sun and the day – just as I should – after all – it is Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love II

  1. Carol Wright says:

    I love love love this colour of pink!!! One of my favourites.
    I also love it in a lipstick!!!
    Oh, now there is another subject for a blog post!!!Lol

    Love what you are doing Mary, you are truly an inspiration!!!
    Spring please get here! So we can plant this colour of flower.


  2. For the Love of Beauty says:

    Hey Carol, thanks for the encouragement – its part of my therapy lol – I’m trying to re-find my creative core – I know it is still there -but somehow it has become buried beneath all things urgent in life – and you know all of what I am talking about!
    As far as the lipstick – I would be more than happy to do a post on that subject but would for sure need your input as you are the lipstick queen – you are fearless in that department!!!
    Spring come quickly!!!! lol Love you, Mary

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