Things I Love

I realize that you all are going to think this post is about flowers – yes I do love flowers – I am sure that is obvious by now….but there is so much more that I love as well!

I love to travel, I love the ocean, I love the mountains, I love a good fire in the fireplace, I love candles, I love beautiful china and dishes of all sorts, I love soft feather fluffy pillows, I love live jazz music and eating gourmet thin crust pizza, especially if I am with good friends.    I love eating on the patio of a restaurant in the summer (I especially love eating pizza on an outside patio in picnic style).   I love …well so many things ….it is hard to list them.

I love a good cup of coffee every morning, but I especially love it on a Saturday morning  – just something about getting up and making coffee and sitting and savouring it while thinking about what the day holds – very different from a work day!

I love to sit with my cup of coffee and have a great phone conversation with my sister about what the weekend will hold, what has happened the past week and what the next week will hold.  I love to sit in my wingback chair and look out at the tree in my backyard and watch the leaves bud, or blow in the wind or turn colour or drop – depending on what season of the year it is.  Yes, there is just something about a cup of coffee and a leisurely Saturday morning that is blessed!

And speaking of loving coffee – I LOVE my new Tassimo Coffee Maker – a gift for my birthday this year.  It is so easy to use, simple to clean and fast!  Doesn’t take the place of a full coffee maker, but works for me on a Saturday morning.  But don’t worry if you come and visit me, I will put on  a full pot of coffee – maybe even two pots!

Today has been good so far  – drinking my coffee  and chatting on the phone and on line with old friends to catch up.  I just wish that I had cream for my coffee – I was out and that is just devastating!  But….if that is as bad as it gets today – my life is good!

Rainy Saturday morning – coffee – fire place on – these are all things I love!  It is a beautiful day!


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