Weekend Indulgence

On the way home from work last night I stopped at the florist shop that I have mentioned in a previous post and yes you guessed it, I indulged myself with a weekend treat – fresh flowers.  Yellow and red tulips and hydrangea – two of my favourite flowers!  Spent too much – but it just seemed the thing to do on a very cold and grey end of February day not to mention it was Friday evening!


Tulips are one of my favourites, although I have so many favourites, it is really hard to only pick one.  These tulips bring together the colour of yellow and red – a theme in my living room.

And I could not resist buying one hydrangea – this just may be my favourite flower – and I love them in white, blue and pink!  I have a small rose bowl that comes from my mother’s collection of cornflower crystal – and this just seemed to sit so nicely on the top of it.

And then of course the new powder room begged for some flowers as well – and once again – something from my parent’s home – a white pitcher and bowl and a tiny antique stand – a nod to my past.

It is always interesting to meet people – and when I was purchasing the flowers I talked to the owner and told her how much I enjoyed walking past every day and seeing the beauty inside – which she constantly was changing and updating and making so appealing to the eye.  This is her first business and they started at this location and have been very successful.  I love hearing this – I applaud those who follow their dreams and do something a bit risky – but have a passion for what they do!  Way to go!  I know I sure have enjoyed watching them grow!  And interesting – she so appreciated that I let her know how much I noticed what she was doing – there is a lesson in that – I learned that from John Maxwell – but that is another story in itself!

These flowers, a product of their business have made my weekend just a little bit brighter!  Beautiful!


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