Traditions II

Family Traditions …..weddings of the past….

Recently I posted a picture of three generations of wedding dresses – a picture taken at the time of my niece Laura’s wedding.

As a quick follow up I thought I would post pictures from those weddings….and here they are.

My mom and dad were married well over 50 years ago… the wedding was simple but elegant..or so the pictures show..I was not there of course ….her dress very beautiful….and her bouquet a gorgeous bundle of red roses had satin ribbons trailing down with tiny rosebuds tied on the ends…it was more beautiful than any bouquet I have ever seen.  My dad always wears a suits well …still does to this day.  This was a very fine made suit from my uncle Wilf’s store – and my Aunt Lena altered my mom’s dress – the lace inset with the satin scalloped edging was her design and handiwork  – and in my opinion this makes the dress.  Such a handsome couple!

My sister Carol was married close to 25 years ago….her dress very similar in style to moms…a modern version…or should I say a later version as it was 25 years ago!  She carried a bundle of white roses and asked for white trailing ribbons with rosebuds tied on the ends just like mom had done….traditions are so important and although others would not know of this nod to the past our mother did….and that is what was important.

I remember so well making her veil and completing it the night before….crazy we were! Such an 80’s style veil and the hair as well!  But very beautiful she was….and still is!

And my sister Sandra, married in the era of the hats …. very trendy….she made her own wedding dress ….and it was perfection….she is an excellent seamstress….no doubt about it.  And she was a very beautiful bride…as you can see!

It is always fun to take a walk down memory lane….beautiful memories!


8 thoughts on “Traditions II

  1. Joann says:

    Oh, my goodness! I love these photos! This is exactly how I picture my cousins in my mind. All of you will always stay in those eras in my mind. (Well, except for the big hair! ha!) Loved seeing these! 🙂

  2. Crystal (Inman) Rolfe says:

    Hey Mary Ann, my name is Crystal (Inman) Rolfe and I went to Spring Arbor College with your sister Carol 1979-1980 until she transferred. She was one of my first friends at Spring Arbor and we even went to Niagra Falls to visit once. Please let me know how I can get in touch with her. I would love to talk with her and have often wondered what she was doing with her life. We also were in a mutual friends wedding together.

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