Flower Power

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love fresh flowers. There is just something beautiful about having flowers in the house that makes me smile.

And there is nothing like walking by a beautiful flower shop and seeing buckets of fresh flowers, all grouped in colour blocks that breathes fresh air into my soul.

I walk by this flower shop everyday on my way to work, and I imagine what it would be like to work in that shop surrounded by the beauty everyday, and creating works of art for a living – wow – wouldn’t that be fun.  (Of course when I walked by this past Saturday and Sunday as they were preparing for Valentine’s Day  and saw them madly working from early morning to late night preparing  –  my dream got a dose of reality – as beautiful as it is – its hard work!)  You ask  why was I walking by on the weekend? Well, I was downtown visiting my brother-in-law in the hospital who was recovering from bi-pass surgery – and it just so happens that he received a beautiful bouquet from his work place from this very same flower shop – I was delighted to see one of the amazing creations close-up – it was a work of art!

I think it is my love of flowers that has always attracted me to fabrics that have a floral pattern  – but I have to say there are very few that I love enough to use in my home – but when I find them – I grab them.  I love the look of faded linen and imperfection – I want the fabrics to look used, and tea stained – soft yet strong – beautiful but not so feminine that a man would not feel comfortable in the room.

This fabric has enough masculine colour in it that when mixed with sand coloured linen and taupe velvet and olive leather, looks soft and beautiful, but not cute and frilly.

It looks so much like these flowers …

Although I have this fabric on cushions….

I’m not afraid to cover wing back chairs – this fabric is meant to be seen!

And just in case there is not enough floral pattern in the house …..

I have found another floral pattern for the den …..

I love the rich colours and the linen look – stay tuned – I have been working on a den makeover  and will share more very soon!

Flowers – in small doses and large doses – beautiful!


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