I am a traditionalist – I’m sure of it – I tend to like traditional decor – although not heavy and stuffy by any means – I like clean lines and a bit of the contemporary or modern feel – but if I were to describe my style it would be comfortable, cosy, relaxed with a slight country flare – very traditional. I like mixing the new with the old – antiques with modern  – most of all I like to walk into a room and feel like I can live in it – that I can sit on the sofa, and put my glass on the coffee table. But I digress – we can talk about decor styles at another time – my point is – I like tradition.  There is just something warm and comfortable about creating and continuing traditions – things that are passed on – or things that remind you that you are part of a family.  A tradition can be anything – as simple as serving Ruffles potato chips with homemade onion dip before Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner, or singing the  Grace “Be Present At Our Table Lord” before special family dinners, or hanging Christmas stockings in a special spot on Christmas Eve, all traditions that we practice in our family.  Traditions are especially important or significant as families grow and babies are born, and children grow up and pass these traditions on from one generation to the next.  And creating new traditions is equally as important as passing on old traditions.  I suppose it is all about celebrating family – remembering the past and celebrating the future.

When my niece Laura was married this past summer she had a trousseau tea – (that is worth a whole blog post on its own) – and at the tea she displayed her mother’s wedding dress and her grandmother’s wedding dress, along with her own wedding shoes and some of the jewelry that she would be wearing on her own wedding day.  On the day of her wedding (August 7), her  dress was hanging ready to wear in between her mother’s and her grandmother’s dress, and the photographer grabbed a picture of it – which I have posted here.  Somehow this image tells the story of  generations – all beautiful creamy satin dresses, with slight changes to adapt to the style of the times.  My mom’s dress is hanging on the left and Carol’s on the right with Laura’s in the middle.  Wedding dresses always had sleeves – that was what was appropriate – now it is difficult to find a dress with sleeves – times have changed for sure!

A backless dress would never have been worn by my mom 58 years ago and not even  25 years ago for my sister  – but as you can see, traditions do change!

But what has not changed is the importance of the wedding dress – the thought and care that goes into choosing it – and the care that is taken in ensuring that it is a work of beauty.

And what has not changed is the importance of this event for families – the celebration is significant – and it should be – a new beginning in relationships – a welcoming of a new family member – significant for mom and dad as well as for the extended family.

And I know that Laura very much missed her grandma on this special day – but was so very very pleased she had her grandpa with her – and he was very proud indeed of his sweet grand daughter!

Traditions – the wedding celebration is one that has great significance for families – and I know that my sweet niece Laura was truly a beautiful bride on her wedding day – I could not have been prouder!  It was a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Carolyn (Bastian) Gonyou says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Mary Ann! I totally agree with you in that traditions are important and at the same time, it is good to make new traditions. Unfortunately, sometimes making new traditions means throwing out the old. I love the thought of intertwining them!

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