Prelude to a Blog

I’ve been thinking of it for a while and like everything the hardest part is getting started!  I’m learning as I go but I think it will be fun – and it will be a great creative outlet for me!  As I say in the “about me” section, I am a wanna be interior designer – decorator – whatever the right term – and although I have talked about design for years (since a very young girl) I work in an unrelated field – for many reasons probably – but I dabble (is that a word?) in creativity all the time.  It is what awakens my soul and inspires me – it ignites a passion in me – and so I pay attention to that knowing that I must feed it to keep it alive.    And so this blog is part of feeding that – it is a way for me to talk about creativity – and to celebrate life by seeing and delighting in beauty!  I have named this blog “For the Love of Beauty” for that reason – more to come on my musings on the title at a later time!

I believe that we were given our 5 senses for many reasons – one perhaps so we can drink in the beauty around us, with our eyes, our ears, our nose, our mouth, our touch, and then the six sense – our instincts or intuition.  So this blog will celebrate all of those senses because I believe great beauty is appreciated when a combination  of  senses are touched and inspired!

So welcome to my blog – just a bunch of musings,  thoughts, pictures and ideas from someone who becomes alive because of creativity – who breathes in beauty and breathes out joy – who is thankful for a means to express all of this – I hope you will become inspired as I am by the beauty around us!


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