Let the Sun Shine In!!

Winter has sure come to visit this year – not just here in Canada where we should expect it, but it seems all over North America – even in the south where snow is not a common visitor!  There is something beautiful about the snow as it covers the dull earth with its clean white dusting.  And outdoor snow fun and snow days are worth celebrating – more on that in another posting.  But with February comes the winter blues for many – and especially this year as winter has already seemed long and hard.

It is time to let the sun shine in again – and to catch a glimpse of spring!  For me – sunlight and flowers ooze the hope of spring!  There is nothing like a pot of daisies to bring a breath of fresh air into your home. And I’m not known for being minimal – I always bring more than one home!  I just buy them at my neighbourhood grocery store – easy and inexpensive!  Its all about having something interesting to display them in – whether it is a wicker basket or a colourful pot.

This pot is sitting on an old chair that sits in my front entryway, a chair from my mom and dad’s home – an antique – not sure how old – but my mom always had this in her entryway with something interesting sitting on it – it just makes sense that I would do the same.   It reminds me of home – and it adds a country lived in feel to my home – and I love that!

Mirrors always help to bring in the light as well!

And so the sun shines in my front entryway – letting me know that spring is on the way!

Need a pick me up?  Go pick up some fresh flowers – a small indulgence that will lift your spirits Beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine In!!

  1. Janice Gallogly Chilcote says:

    So glad you’re blogging Mary Ann. You’re flowers are beautiful and I love how you’ve used the chair that your mom used. You have a knack for decorating!

    • For the Love of Beauty says:

      Janice – thanks for the encouragement! I am doing this as a way to be creative and express it all at the same time! As I think of things to write about it is very interesting how the things around us (like my mom’s chair) have so much meaning – for me that is what makes a house a home. Love you!

  2. Lorie Buffam says:

    I loved your blog. Besides beautiful flowers and decorating, you are also an excellent photographer. I wish I lived close enough to stop in to see it all. Love Lorie

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